Les Brown explains why it’s crucial for you to pursue your dream

For many people that have tried and failed the thought of dreaming is offensive to their senses. To try and fail, and tasted disappointment is a soul crushing blow, but the minute you stop dreaming, the moment you stop hoping, the very second you decide to quit you lose. You lose not only your dream, not only your drive, but your purpose.

We’ve all been put here for a reason. No one offered the gift of life was placed here for no reason. Every pain, pressure, or past failure a person has experienced was placed as a gift to refine, and define a persons purpose & passion to pursue it. The problem is many people quit before they ever are able to realize the fruit of their labor.

Les Brown in this brief video offers a reason why you must dream. You have to dream. You were designed to dream. Not only dream, but dream big! I dare you!


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